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Argus JJ&A 2014 Global Methanol Annual

Argus JJA 2014 Methanol Annual Cover
This new study features historic and forward-looking analysis of methanol industry supply and demand for all notable markets. It provides a five year history and forecast of methanol demand, as well as production and trade statistics for all significant countries from around the world. 

The global methanol market has seen a significant transformation in the last five years. China’s methanol demand, production and capacity to produce have grown to dominate the world’s methanol industry. First, methanol as a direct gasoline blendstock and via DME as an LPG blendstock underpinned China’s appetite for methanol to rise towards 40pc of total world demand. In just the last two years — and looking forward — methanol to olefins (MTO) demand will propel China’s methanol consumption to over 50pc of world demand. Through the forecast period, North America is on a very aggressive capacity expansion path and is expected to transform from an importer of 5 mn t of methanol to an exporter of potentially similar volumes.

This study offers subscribers the necessary granularity to understand the ever-changing methanol industry and to better assess future decision making.

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Key Features:

This annual study provides an extensive background of the factors impacting and influencing shifts in the methanol supply and demand, as well as a forward view of market direction and growth. It includes:

  • 5 year history of methanol supply/production/trade and derivative demand
  • 5 year forecast of methanol supply/production/trade and derivative demand
  • Assessment of more than 100 individual countries comprising the industry, summarized into 9 regions and the world total
  • Methanol demand forecasts by major derivatives (formaldehyde, acetic acid, methyl methacrylate, MTBE, gasoline blending, dimethyl ether, biodiesel, etc.)
  • Analysis of methanol to olefins (MTO) demand, differentiated by both captive and merchant methanol feedstock needs

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