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Argus Fundamentals

An Argus business intelligence service, published monthly

Argus Fundamentals provides comprehensive data on every aspect of oil supply and demand. Up-to-date monthly data is available for crude and NGLs production, refinery throughputs, refinery output by product, global inventories, crude liftings, arrivals and oil in transit, as well as detailed breakdown of demand by main product groups for 11 of the largest oil consumers.

Average monthly prices for a range of crude and products are also listed. The report allows you to keep track of global oil balances through its quarter-by-quarter global supply demand balance. Uniquely, a supply balance for each of the main trading regions — the Atlantic basin, Asia-Pacific and the Mideast Gulf — is also provided, giving readers an insight into emerging surpluses and deficits in different geographic areas.

Argus Fundamentals includes a monthly commentary on key events in the oil market over the most recent month and presents a view of likely supply and demand trends over the next few months.

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Markets Covered

  • Crude: including North Sea Dated; Bonny Light; Urals cif Mediterranean
  • European products: including Gasoline 95R unleaded; Naphtha; French diesel
  • US products: including Gasoline 93 unleaded; Jet-kerosine; No 2 heating oil
  • Asian products: including Gasoline 95R unleaded; Gasoil high pour; LSWR

Key Features

  • Supply and demand overview, globally and by region
  • Crude liftings information, including trends in eastbound and westbound shipments
  • Demand data for North America, OECD Pacific and the five largest European oil consumers
  • Demand data for China, India and Brazil
  • Refinery throughputs for the EU 16 and 10 other major refining countries
  • Detailed inventory data for the US, EU 16 and Japan plus crude in transit and oil in floating storage
  • Crude production by country; global supply data for NGLs and biofuels
  • Monthly average crude and petroleum products prices


Argus Fundamentals is of particular interest to anyone interested in the supply and demand of crude and petroleum products, as well as global stock figures. Our subscribers include the major oil companies, refineries, trading firms, investment banks and governmental bodies.

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