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Argus Ukrainian Motor Fuels (Argus Моторное топливо Украины)

An Argus market service, published daily  in Russian

Argus Ukrainian Motor Fuels is a market report for gasoline and diesel traded in the Ukraine. It includes prices for motor fuels produced at Ukrainian refineries and assessments of cargoes imported from Belarus, Lithuania, Romania and Russia as well as netbacks for motor fuel prices supplied to the Ukrainian market and Europe.

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Markets Covered

  • Mogas A80, A92 and A95, summer and winter diesel fca Kagamlykskaya, Novozolotarevka, Shebelinka, Novograd-Volynsky, Korosten
  • Mogas A92 and A95, diesel daf Ukraine/Belarus border, ddu Novograd-Volynsky, сif Ukrainian ports

Key Features

  • Intraday deal and bid/offer information
  • Market survey and price analysis
  • End-of-day summary report
  • Market-appropriate methodology

Argus Ukrainian Motor Fuels publishes the price assessments based on transactions and daily bid/ask spreads, which accurately reflect the current market situation and provide you with timely and objective data for making more informed decisions.


Traders, producers, importers, retail networks, tax authorities and governments use Argus Ukrainian Motor Fuels for reliable information on the markets and to assist in business decisions.

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