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Argus West Coast Products

An Argus market service, published daily

Argus US West Coast Products is published by a global team of on-the-ground market reporters with comprehensive pricing information and market intelligence from the US west coast, Latin America and Asia-Pacific markets. No other reporting agency delivers this comprehensive package of information in the context of the entire Pacific Rim.

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Markets Covered

  • West coast gasoline
  • West coast distillate
  • Asia-Pacific gasoline
  • Asia-Pacific jet fuel
  • Asia-Pacific gasoil
  • West coast fuel oil


  • Convenient key market chart for at-a-glance prices
  • Deals-done tables for US west coast and Asia- Pacific
  • Market and price analysis
  • Market- moving news
  • End of day summary report
  • Market-appropriate methodology

The Argus US West Coast Products service provides key prices, market commentary, and latest industry news delivered in a prompt and flexible manner. Our deals tables list all transactions confirmed during the entire trading day, while a variety of charts demonstrates latest market developments, including spreads between the US west coast and Asia-Pacific markets.


Our subscribers include traders, brokers, risk managers, planners, analysts, finance officers, governments, regulators, tax authorities, national oil companies, senior executives and exchanges.

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